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 To build a business on the Internet, there are a few must-haves:
  • You must have the Right Attitude
  • You must have your own website.
  • You need a product, that people want.
  • You need traffic to your site.
  • You need a list of interested individuals.
  • You need an Autoresponder

These are just the must-haves, to make your presence and to really help
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Looking To Make Extra Money Using The Internet?

Fact One in Network Marketing: You have to have your Own Personalized Website. 

Why you ask? 

With out your own website, you are selling and building a business for someone else. Might as well just keep your Day Job. Even if you are going to sell Affiliates products, you should still have a website to send your customers to first. You will then be creating your own list.

With Your Website you can promote, sell or share anything that tickles your fancy.  It is your own personalized site, do with it as you please.  Have fun and fix your site with the stuff, that gets you excited.  The beauty of this Site is that no matter what you do, it will be all yours.

There are different ways to make money online, but it is easier to if you have a website to promote Yourself and Your Stuff.

Web Sites can cost you anywhere from a $100 dollars to $1000's of dollars, depending on the Graphics, how many pages and content.  Hosting costs are extra, which will make your site available online, to be seen by the masses. There is also a yearly cost for your Domain Name and so on. 

Recently I went to a seminar, this company was charging $2,800 to set up your website, with the software and the designs; than wanted another $2,700 a year just to host your Site. Major costs incurred before you even get your Site up and running.  You have to make at the least $5,500 to break even.

Who wants to break even, the whole idea is to Make Money.  The Company charging that kind of money cannot guarantee you will have any traffic to your site.  No traffic means no money.

Global Domains International (GDI) Inc. gives you:  Your own personalized WebSite; Your own Domain Name and Hosting at one low monthly cost.  GDI services cost is the same as two cups of coffee at Starbuck's--$10.00. 

You are given the tools you need to develop your Personalized WebSite.  Don’t know how to set up a Web Site.  There are tutorials and software available to you at no extra cost: Help you Build Your Web Site; How to promote your website, and Get the most for your buck.  On top of all this you will also have Your Sponsors to help you get started in whatever area you need it. 

You don't have to Promote GDI on your site if you do not want to. You don't have to do anything, with your site if you don't want to. The only thing you have to do after joining GDI is NOTHING.

However given the opportunity and the tools; why wouldn't you want to help others get a website of their own?  Why wouldn't you want to share this great opportunity and make some extra money at the same time? What ever you do decide to do have fun doing it.

Not Looking for Internet Business 

Maybe you are not looking to make money off the Internet, maybe you just want a website of your own to share your personal experiences and photos with family and friends.  That is great!  You have come to the right place, because here at GDI.WS you can get a website, design it anyway you want and still only have to pay $10 a month.  Then maybe some of your friends or family want a website also, they can get one from you for the same price you pay.  Only here is the beauty of this, that website will make you money each month.  You don't have to do anything.

 So go back up to the Ticket to Freedom link and sign up, you won't regret it.